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Práctica 03

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1.      By this week you should have already enlarged your Technical Glossary on Building and Construction Engineering. With this purpose,  have a look at the different on-line dictionaries you find in our website and compare them.


2.      Look up the definitions of the following words in at least two dictionaries; also provide an example of the word usage:


                             Asbestos, insulation, span, skeleton, precast,

plate, rod, copper, steam, appliance


  1. Give the Spanish equivalent for the following terms:


feature, dwelling, shelter, eco-label, demolish,

terraced, damp, veneer, sewers, mortgage.


  1. Which dictionary do you like most and why?


  1. Is there any on-line dictionary you dislike? Why?


  1. Could they have different uses? Which ones?



  1. Find as many synonyms as you can for the words below:


light, timber, tight, reconstruct, realm,

siding, slope, slot, power, join