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We are currently living within a society where the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are part of our daily life. More often than not, we get an SMS on our cell-phone, we check our email, or download a film from the Internet. Therefore, why shouldn't we take advantage of all these new resources in our learning?

The ICTs may help us in many different ways: listening to news bulletins, weather forecasts or songs, reading (on-line) newspapers and magazines, start voice conversations with other far away peer-students, or even native speakers, ...

Once you get familiar with the net, more often than not, you will come across sites that you might like to visit again. Start by bookmarking them, or adding them to your favourites list. Once done it, you should evaluate them for the benefit of other peer students or friends. Some brief personal comment is  usually far more informative than a small entry on our bookmarks. As your list gets bigger, you should classify it according to themes and levels. 

Click here if you need a sample evaluation form. Once you start using it, try to adapt it to your own needs. Of course, it goes without saying that a thourough chek-up for broken links is more than convenient. One should also look for freeware or campus lincensed links and resources. Last, but not least, take into account that this site is intended as a help tool for merchant navy student cadets.

Therefore, let's get to it...



N.B.: This site has been created as an aid with the help and contributions of Students from the following degrees: Building Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Nautical Science. Should you like to make a contribution, please contact the lecturer on the link below. Thanks!

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